Military Housing

Meeting a Growing Demand

Modular Military Applications

The shifting military population is creating demand for new housing on military bases across America. These construction projects present a unique set of challenges due to heightened base security, remote locations and accelerated schedule requirements.

Our modular process and project management experience has proven to be an effective solution for family housing in Fort Lewis WA, and barracks at Camp Pendleton, Fort Bragg and Fort Polk. In each of these projects, Champion has demonstrated its ability to meet the military’s strict cost, quality and schedule requirements.

Project Spotlights

Modular Military Privatization in Fort Lewis, Washington
Project: Modular construction for military privatization in Fort Lewis, Washington. 


Modular Military Applications in Camp Pendleton, California
Project: Modular construction for military needs in Camp Pendleton, California


Modular Rapid Development in Ogden, Kansas
Project: Rapid modular development of off-post military housing in Ogden, Kansas 


Modular Relocatable Barracks in North Carolina
Project: Nearly one-half million square feet of relocatable barracks in Fort Bragg, NC