and Urban Development

A Growing Sector for Builders and Developers

Modular Urban Development

In urban environments, construction managers must deal with site security, material storage, parking, the impact on local businesses and homes, traffic, and a host of other challenges that impact the cost of construction. When you elect to have your building constructed with the Champion modular construction process, you move the bulk of activity from the site to our manufacturing center, alleviating or eliminating these additional costs.

Modular Tax Credit Subsidized Housing

Tax credit subsidized housing is a growing sector for developers. The increasing demand for rental housing and the continued need for affordability, make this a great opportunity for new construction. The speed of modular construction can result in accelerated rental streams increasing the profitability of your project. Champion has a rich heritage in this sector having constructed over 400 single-family and multi-family units.

Project Spotlights

Modular Urban Revitalization in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Project: Modular construction leads urban revitalization in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 


Modular Urban Development in Detroit, Michigan
Project: Modular construction provided site security in Detroit, Michigan. 


Modular Urban Redevelopment in Benton Harbor, Michigan
Project: Urban redevelopment project in Benton Harbor, Michigan.